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Mukesh M. Patel

Founder and CEO


220 Davidson Ave

Somerset, NJ, 08873

Phone: 908-505-5735




JuiceTank is an Innovation Lab and Incubator-Accelerator that fuels startups. It is a venture platform that discovers, grows, and inspires successful entrepreneurs.

Our Incubator-Accelerator is designed to incubate startups as well as accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurial ventures through an array of business resources, including an innovation lab, co-working space, capital, advisory, common services, and networking connections. JuiceTank focuses on startup, early-stage, and emerging-growth ventures. It has designed an entrepreneurial eco-system led by seasoned serial entrepreneurs and powered by strategic partnerships and joint ventures.

Innovation | Technology Development

Whether the technology involves web, consumer Internet, mobile, or cloud development, we can help launch or grow your startup quicker and more cost-effectively. Our in-house technology experts will work with you to expedite your development.

Inspirational & Productive Space

We provide inspirational physical and virtual infrastructure that entrepreneurs, technologists, and creative professionals need to accelerate their startups.

Capital Funding | Angel & Venture Capital

Already have a startup, or need funding to start or grow your business? We've invested in dozens of companies and are ready and willing to hear your pitch. JuiceTank invests smart capital and participates in investment syndications and co-investment platforms to expand the intellectual capital.

Shared Resources

You can find access to handpicked professionals and companies ready to assist your startup through all levels of operations and growth, including legal, accounting/tax, human resources, banking, information technology, and creative design. Focus on your startup’s core business, and use our services to launch and accelerate many facets of your business.

Sales and Marketing

At some point, you'll want to scale your business and that's when our in-house experts and connections can help take your product or service to the next level via sales and marketing strategies, including digital marketing.


Who you know and work with makes all the difference. JuiceTank creates a collaborative community filled with startups, thought-leaders, creatives, and freelancers. Don't miss the recurring on-site meet-ups and special presentations by successful entrepreneurs.

Mentorship | Advisory Boards

All companies in the incubator-accelerator are provided with valuable mentorship from seasoned serial entrepreneurs and domain experts with proven track records and global insights. JuiceTank will build an advisory board to support the entrepreneur and his or her venture.


The founders, principals, and advisors are committed to social entrepreneurship and charitable giving. One of the cornerstone philosophies is the concept of “Share it Forward” where the ventures give back and share forward to make a positive meaningful impact on others and special causes.

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