March 19, 2015 - BagUps® Makes a Difference!

BagUps® Recognized for Making a Difference!

BagUps® recently won top finalist in the National Veteran Business Battle Contest. BagUps® was chosen to receive this prestigious award from a large number of other applicants from across our nation. Jack Licata, President of BagUps®, was not only honored as a veteran but was awarded Top 15 Best Veteran Owned Small Businesses in America for creating a great product, “BagUps®”. When interviewed by NBC News Houston Licata said, "Our product is not only green but is making a difference by putting our Veterans & people with disabilities to work".

BagUps®, the multi-patented Pop Up system, replaces the next trash bag automatically! BagUps® incorporates biodegradable bags and is stored in a recyclable cardboard box. With every 600 BagUps® boxes we sell, we employ a veteran or a person with disabilities for a week.

BagUps® is located at the Meadowlands Regional Accelerator at Bergen Community College.

Only with your help and continuing support have we been able to grow and expand our mission across the country, and for that, we thank you!

Jack Licata with Lt. Col. Oliver North


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